About the programm

Age limit: 5+
Продолжительность: 3 часа

New Year is the right time to go on a magical journey!

Our main character Alyosha is a very common boy who gets into an absolutely extraordinary situation or better say, an unco. He rescues the black hen Chernushka from inevitable death, who turns out to be not a chicken at all but…

We follow them to visit the underground city, where we will meet the underground inhabitants, their ruler and many other strange, menacing looking and at the same time funny characters.

In the best traditions of the Melikhovo Christmas Tree celebrations, the journey will not be complete without games and riddles, skill contests, horse-drawn sleigh rides and, of course, a meeting with Father Frost or Santa Claus. And one more important thing: every one of you will go back home with a fabulous handmade lucky charm, which will beautify your Christmas tree and remind you of the winter holiday in the Melikhovo Museum for a long time afterwards.

Friendship will help you master all kinds of tasks and get your lucky charm! Did you know that nothing but friendship can give a person a superpower, which, however, may turn into a useless gift, if you do not use it wisely?

What if friendship itself is a superpower? Let's try to find the answers together.

The amazing action and adventures that awaiting the guests of the Melikhovskaya estate this New Year are inspired by the subject of the fairy-tale by Antony Pogorelsky "The Black Hen, or the Underground Inhabitants". The authors of this program were inspired by the fabulous images created by the story-teller, and at the same time they want to talk to our young visitors of the museum about kindness, mutual assistance and gratitude, that great pieces of work require great efforts from day to day. But even in the everyday world, magic can be much closer to you than it seems to be!

Let us check it out then!