About the programm

Age limit: 3+
Продолжительность: 2 часа 30 мин

"There are holidays that have their own scent. There is something special in the air at Easter, Trinity Sunday and Christmas," Anton Pavlovich Chekhov wrote and probably recalled his childhood impressions of the holidays loved by everyone. The Melikhovo Museum-Reserve invites children and their parents to make a New Year trip to the times of Chekhov's childhood.

So then, the middle of the XIX century. The future great writer is a student of the gymnasium. High school students are looking forward to "vacaciy" (“vacation”): this was the name of the Christmas holidays – the long-awaited days when children could finally relax and even make fun. Hence, we offer to do some kind and funny tricks during the holidays and get a good laugh!

A rich program awaits our young guests, their parents and grandparents: driving interactive fun on the land of the Chekhov estate, sledding, jokes and games, dancing and kind-hearted clowning. And, of course, - the theater! Here the audience will be met by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov himself. He will take us back to his childhood full of amusing living pictures; he will tell us about the joys and difficulties, overcoming which, together with the work itself, always help us to realize the most wishful dreams!

Well, let's enjoy fun, and dream together in the Melikhovo Museum?!