Интерактивная программа «Не было хлопот – мы отправились в поход»

About the programm

Age limit: 6+
Продолжительность: 45 минут

This is the weekend program for family groups with children.

Dear guests! We invite you on Sunday to go to a real, but very unusual hiking – in Melikhovo estate!

Of course, the hike is a great adventure, and it requires special training. So first, our guests will join a short tour, where a Museum educator will tell you in detail about everything that travelers could encounter on their way.

Those children and parents who listen very attentively will be able to do their tasks! Family teams will get special travel maps with description of Melikhovo attractions and a task - to be the first to find them and make relevant notes.

As a rule, according to the good Melikhovo tradition, our twisted adventures will end with the tea party and refreshments.

The grand prize of the quest campaign will be given to the most quick and resourceful team. We are sure all our participants will have a good mood and boost of emotions for the upcoming week. We can guarantee it to you!

We look forward to seeing you every weekend at the Museum! See you soon!


October: 15, 29

November: 5, 19

December: 10

Beginning at 13:30

Team group – not less than 10 people