Интерактивная программа "Ловцы времени: мастерская старинного фотопортрета"

About the programm

Продолжительность: 3 часа

Every Saturday beginning from June 18 and up to August 15, we are happy to invite you to take a fascinating journey through the time – into the world of an old-time photo portrait as well as to take part in a unique photo session, where each participant of the program will get his/her own portrait made in long-forgotten procedure and in a single copy.

At the exhibition "How different we are” (Women's photo portrait of the XIX – early XX century) you will have a chance to come to know the great–great-grandfathers and great-great-grandmothers of modern photography, such as like: daguerreotypes, ambrotypes (also known as a collodion positive), business card photographs and cabinet photo portraits (cards), various methods and secrets of their development. You will learn how to "read" old photo portraits and photographic forms, in other words, - to determine the "age" of a photo, get the feel how to distinguish daguerreotypes from ambrotypes, distinguish prints on albumin, celloidine and gelatin paper, you will also see the compositional structure of a photo portrait, and recognize the signs of retouching ... Besides that, you will get to know what and why photography was called a "mirror with memory", and where the vivid expression "Attention! Now, watch the birdie!" was originated; then you will learn about what subjects there were heated debates between photographers and painters, supporters and opponents of retouching which was the predecessor of modern photo-shop and other little known things.

The rare items presented at this exhibition will help to find yourself in the world of forgotten attributes of the 19th- 20th century photo culture: wooden cameras, glass negatives, frames, cases, albums, photographic forms.

During opening hours of the photo studio, you will be able to see the old-time photographic equipment in action, feel yourself like a model of the century before last. Finally, you will have a good chance not only to get your own photo portrait made according to the technology of the 19th century, but also to follow the entire process of its development.


Exhibition – Theater and exhibition hall

Photo studio – terrace of the main house of Anton Chekhov’s manor

From 12.00 - 15.00

Ticket price is 1500.00 ruble for one person

Group of 20 people


June 18, 25

July 2,9,23,30

August 6,13