Программа «По «Пушкинской» к Чехову»

Published: 2 July 2022

The Anton Chekhov Museum "Melikhovo" is a cluster composed of the manor house, Guest Lodge, orchard, vegetable garden, Aquarium pond, on which bank Chekhov liked to sit with a fishing rod, Levitanov hill, kitchen wing filled with peasant household items ... Besides that, Chekhov’s Melikhovo estate is also a place of inspiration and quietude!

By purchasing a ticket for the program “Use "Pushkin Card to visit Chekhov", you can get a pleasant surprise – a free ticket to the memorial Melikhovo school, built by Anton Chekhov in 1899. In the school exposition, museum visitors can see the restored classroom environment and the teacher's apartment. Besides that they see the exhibition dealing with the history of the Melikhovo school, to learn some interesting facts from the lives of teachers and students, as well as the way how and what children were taught in primary rural schools of old Russia.

Please, mind it that on Saturdays, you are granted with a free ticket to enjoy staged performances based on short stories by Anton Chekhov, performed by artists of the Melikhovo Theater. Beginning from the time when Anton Chekhov settled down in Melikhovo, his estate has become a sort of theatrical land, and today, a special atmosphere lives here and a professional museum theater presents its performances.

The Saturday theater repertoire includes: "The doomed case", "Although the date took place, but... ", "A Malefactor", "Overegged the pudding", "The Bear", "From the memories of an idealist", "The Exam for a rank", etc.

In addition, you can also use the "Pushkin Card” to join other interesting events of the museum for free:

- Performances of the Melikhovo Theater;

- museum exhibitions;

- Interactive program "Time stalkers: workshop of an old photo portrait";

- Charity literary and musical marathon "Don't get tired of doing good!";

- celebration of folk traditions "Three Feasts of Saviour in Melikhovo".

* The “Pushkin Card” is a joint project of the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Digital Development, and the Post Bank. It allows young people (from 14 to 22 years old) to visit museums, theaters, cinemas, exhibitions, philharmonic halls and other cultural institutions for free at the expense of the Federal Budget. The project was launched on September 1, 2021.