Детский спектакль "Сашкин ангел" по рассказу Леонида Андреева «Ангелочек»

About the play

Age limit: 5+
Duration: 40 minutes
Director Fesac Rustem
Scenography and costumes Olga Vasilyeva
During the performance you will also enjoy listening to the poem A Wax Angel by Alexander Blok.

Действующие лица и исполнители

as Sashka (a pet name from Alexander) Belyaev Nikita
as Farther Bogdanov Andrey
as Mom Eliseeva Pavlina
as Sophia Dmitrieyvna Gerasimovich Svetlana Dmitrievna
as Maria Dmitrieyvna Bogdanova Yuliya

The play Sashka and his little angel was staged on the basis of the famous story A Wax Angel by Leonid Andreyev. It is a serious, delicate and passionate piece of fiction. Our Melikhovo actors will tell and play you the story of a boy Sashka, a desolate soul, who is keen on liberty, disobedient and even slightly wretched. The boy who suddenly found an object of worship in the form of a Christmas toy - a wax angel hanging on a Christmas tree of his neighbors who invited him to join the holiday.

However, one should not think that the play is sad and depressing. Nothing of the kind! The performance is rather playful, witty and somehow funny. We noticed that our little spectators laugh a lot at it, and sometimes take an active part in the action through giving their own guidance to actors how they should act in certain situations. We hope that A Wax Angel of Melikhovo will be the first step to the world of great literature and real theatre for many children.