Спектакль "Вежливые люди" по рассказам А.П. Чехова

About the play

Age limit: 16+
Продолжительность: 1 час 20 минут без антракта

The play brings together five short stories by A. P. Chekhov where main characters are ~ foreigners. In Polite people/People with good manners these stories are combined in one thing not only by the general theme, but the same scenery.

In this performance, the creators, skillfully following Chekhov, make use of irony to describe pressing social problems.

Thereby one can clearly read global and well-timed things through these human traits and characters.

Polite people/People with good manners ~ is a play about different worldviews but shared values, where everyone has something to think about.

And how hilarious and ridiculous seem to be situations in which foreigners get in, the situations that are alien to the spirit and incomprehensible to the Russian people, they give us a chance to look more closely, first and foremost, to ourselves.