Детский спектакль "В одном сказочном королевстве" по мотивам сказок Г.Х. Андерсена

About the play

Age limit: 5+
Premiere: 13 July 2014
Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes without intermission
Режиссер Суворова Марина Михайловна
as the stage managing director Baicher Vladimir

Действующие лица и исполнители

as the King Рябов Виктор Николаевич / Golyshev Yuri (HONORED ARTIST OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
as maid of Honor Belyaeva Natalia (HONORED ARTIST OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION) / Корнейчук Ольга
Король-отец, Принц Ганс Белый Антон / Курочкин Владимир Андреевич / PEKKER EVGENY
Королева-мать Суворова Марина Михайловна / Елисеева Полина Евгеньевна
Принц, Свинопас Пеккер Евгений Викторович / Кожевников Иван Олегович / Belyaev Nikita
Принцесса, принцесса Генриетта Герасимович Светлана Дмитриевна / Суворова Марина Михайловна

Who does not know The Princess and the Pea by Andersen?

This touching story lives in the hearts of everyone who in his childhood have plunged into the world of fairy tales of the Danish wizard.

From our green years we remember what a real Princess should be delicate, fragile, and what is most importantly ~ kind and not greedy.

But how will the Princess find her happiness? In finding her happiness the Princess will get assistance from children ~ little spectators of the performance, created by Director Marina Suvorova.

Together with Princess they will uncover hilarious charades, give her a cue how to get out of difficult situations.

A very different Princess will be introduced to the kids in the second performance ~ The Swineherd. This little cranky mean person said “NO” to the Prince charming just because he wanted to give her a real Nightingale instead of a mechanic one!

But she was ready to kiss a dirty swineherd, in gratitude for his intricate but soulless toys.

Do you think your child is ready to exchange real feelings ~ love, kindness, and devotion for trinkets?

If you want to find it out -~ just bring him or her in our "Fairy Kingdom"!