Детский спектакль «Страшные-страшные сказки»

About the play

Age limit: 5+
Duration: 1 hour
Production Director Loskutov Kirill
Scenography and costume designer Olga Vasilyeva

Our new performance "Rather scary tales" directed by Kirill Loskutov is staged not only for children but surely enough for the whole family.

The world we live in may sometimes be not very kind to us. If this proves true, fairy tales could be our good adviser. In case of danger – you must do something; if you want to get a great deal in your life - Make no stay! The cunning trick is not the best way to do so; it is a rather dangerous weapon. Remember: fairy tales teach children to watch out, since kids, drifting away from their parents, may get into trouble. These are the very fairy tales that were specially intended to help us to win through the darkness, our fears, and to travel to the magic world of our imagination.

There is no doubt that our young audience will see not only instructive stories, but they will find them staged with great humor. As you know, fairy-tale villain-like characters may be terrible, funny and charming at the same time. The world of fairy tales is amazing. At every turn of "Rather scary tales", our young spectators meet miracles and magic. Here you can face many colorful characters and even the real Baba Yaga the witch! In the struggle between good and evil, everyone will be rewarded for their good deeds.

 Our idea of staging such a play was inspired through the well-known fairy tales by Alexander Nikolayevich Afanasyev, a Russian Slavist and ethnographer who published nearly 600 Russian fairy and folk tales. It is one of the largest collections of folklore in the world.  Books by this author can be found in many home libraries, but not everybody has read most of these fascinating stories. For Alexander Afanasyev, a fairy tale is a piece of national verbal cultural heritage, which he is trying to keep unchanged for future generations. A fairy tale for him is a wonderful poetic work that, "like the formation of a whole nation, it does not allow the slightest deliberate deviation from the good and the truth."

You are most welcome to see our new performance "Rather scary tales" for all ages. We are sure you will have a great interest in discussing a lot of things after that with your children.

Just have a pause to think that all the wisdom of fairy-tale hints is essential in our everyday life and sometimes challenging reality, not only for our children but also for grown-ups themselves…