Рябов Виктор Николаевич

Рябов Виктор Николаевич

Joined the theatre in 2014


The Landlady  (the immoral staged version of a story by A.P. Chekhov)  - as Maxim, the father of Stepan
Dacha/Country theatre of Antosha Chekhonte  (the stories of Anton Chekhov)  - as Nikolay Kapitonov / Kirill Trofimovich Kondrashkin
Uncle Vanya  - Телегин Илья Ильич, обедневший помещик
The Bear  (a comedy play in one act)  - as Luka
Chekhov.The Seagull  (an open-air staging based on the play by A. P. Chekhov)  - Илья Шамраев
Performance: "GUN SHOTS AND KISSES"  - Sorin


In 1986 he graduated from the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute. The head of the course ~ M. R. Ter-Zakharova.

Other roles

He worked in various theatres from 1986 to 1992.


More than 100 roles in movies and TV series.

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