Курочкин Владимир Андреевич

Курочкин Владимир Андреевич

Joined the theatre in 2009


Workman Balda/A Blockhead  (~ is based on the tale by A. S. Pushkin The Tale of the Priest and of his Workman Balda)  - Бесёнок
Dream of Kashtanka the Dog  (is based on Anton Chekhov's short story Kashtanka the Dog)  - Иван Иваныч, гусь
The Landlady  (the immoral staged version of a story by A.P. Chekhov)  - Семен, брат Степана
Dacha/Country theatre of Antosha Chekhonte  (the stories of Anton Chekhov)  - Егор Андреевич Гвоздиков / Ваня Щупальцев
Uncle Vanya  - Войницкий Иван Петрович
A Nature Reserve  (based on the short novel by S. Dovlatov)  - Толик, Стас Потоцкий, Валера Марков


In 2008 he graduated from the State Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS) (the Russian University of Theatre Arts between 2011 and 2015), a workshop of Professor L. E. Heifetz

Other roles

THEATRE DOC (Documentary Play Theatre)

Exhibits by V. Durnenkov , directed by Alexey Zhiryakov, ~ as grandfather Tolya.

Mikhail Roshchin and Alexey Kazantsev Center of Drama and Directing

After-school reading by Yu. Mamleyev, directed by Olesya Nevmerzhitskaya, ~ as Petya Sapozhnikov

Tabakerka (Oleg Tabakov Theatre)

Olesya by Alexander Kuprin, directed by Olesya Nevmerzhitskaya, ~ as the resident of Perebrodye.

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