Музейно-театральный дивертисмент «Дачная лихорадка, или 22 невинных удовольствия»

About the project

Age limit: 6+
Продолжительность: 5 часов 17.00 – 22.00

Dear residents of the big city!

If you are sick and tired from hustle and bustle of the city, and your heart and soul are seeking for something special and unusual close to nature, please, do not miss your chance to enjoy one of the exciting Saturday evenings full of various entertainments in the cozy Chekhov estate!

You are most welcome to visit Melikhovo, where for a few hours you will immerse yourself in a sort of a dacha/country life of the late 19th century through taking the role of a summer cottager/dacha resident of the bygone era.

During the program the newly-qualified "country society" will enjoy:

  • A real country tea party where a hospitable landlord will teach his guests how to blow the samovar and describe the rules of the dacha/country side tea party, then he will tell you something of the joys and hardships of the dacha/country life in the late 19th century on the veranda with a cup of tea served with jam and Maryuska made pies.
  • Museum ladies will help their country guests to master simple rules of forgotten old games in the open air.
  • The hand-barrow racing will be a special Melikhovo entertainment for the whole family. Here everyone will have a chance to show his/her daring, wit, and outstanding talent.
  • Under the instructions of a Moscow Director, a team of "country lovers" will make up a theatrical Divertissement, i.e. they will take part in once popular genre of "living pictures" and will act in one of country stories by A. P. Chekhov.
  • Then the country folks will enjoy the play Antosha Chekhonte Summer Theatre performed by actors of the "Chekhov Studio" theatre.
  • Special exhibition Dacha/Country ABC is also devoted to the life in the countryside.
Vintage amateur photos and everyday objects will tell the curious country folk about what was the country life between the two ages to restore the forgotten pages of the life that faded away.