Melikhovo village school

Melikhovo village school

The Melikhovo years, it was the period of active and diverse social activities of Anton Chekhov. In addition to his generous work of combating the cholera epidemic, offering health care for the local residents, establishing a Post and Telegraph office at the Lopasnya railway station, and many other charities, in seven Melikhovo years he built three schools, about which, with a feeling of a fulfilled duty he wrote that they "are considered to be exemplary." Chekhov schools looked like a manor house: high (ceiling height 3.5 meters) with large windows, spacious rooms and cozy inside.

These wooden buildings, built of sound timber, thoroughly done by the local carpenters, have survived in good condition until our days, or rather two of them: in villages Melikhovo and Novoselki. The first Chekhov school was built in village of Talezh. But in the 30-ies of the last century by the decision of the local authorities it was dismantled and moved to Lopasnya.

The schools in Novoselki and Melikhovo had been used as schools until 1970-ies. Then they were closed and given to the Museum-Reserve of A.P. Chekhov “Melikhovo”. Today, the school in Novoselki village hosts the literary exposition "In the World of Chekhov Characters".

In Melikhovo school Museum visitors can see the restored furnishings of a class-room and the teacher apartment. Here you can learn the history of the Melikhovo school, pages of life of teachers and pupils, find out what and how children were taught in rural elementary schools (officially called the rural primary schools).

Modern multimedia equipment will allow you to listen to the stories told by old Melikhovo teacher, and try yourself in the role of a Melikhovo school pupil of the early 20th century.

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