Познавательная прогулка по чеховскому «герцогству»

Published: 14 November 2020

"There was no trouble, so the woman bought a pig! Well, and we also bought a sucking pig – it’s a large, bulky estate, the owner of which somewherein Germany would certainly have been given the title of Duke,"wrote Anton Chekhov about his newly bought estate in the village of Melikhovo not far from Moscow.

All rambling club members are invited to join us in a game-tour and have a walk in the fresh air through the beloved estate of Anton Chekhov.

For you to know: It is very easy to become our fellow participant! You just can get a questionnaire card at the Museum's ticket office, and then - Hurry up, the adventures are waiting for you!

Should you make a fail-safe trip – you surely can get a souvenir from the Museum!

We would be happy to see you soon!

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