Приглашаем принять участие в акции «Полезный выходной»

Published: 2 April 2019

So, finally came the long-awaited spring! It means that the Museum again welcomes you to join all socially minded people taking part in our traditional Charitable action “BENEFICIAL WEEKEND”. We would be also happy to get a keen response from volunteer organizations, businessmen, as well as from all encouraged comers.

Our garden in Melikhovo has just woken up after the winter, so your prime work will be there on the open air. Besides that, we arrange landscaping and cleaning of the Museum area and the memorial Melikhovo school surrounding site.

An interesting volunteer effort named "Giant trees are coming back" will be a part of the action. In order to create a reserve fund of historical planting stock in a view of providing for further reparative tree planting, our partner - the Federal State-Funded Institution “Roslesozashchita” (Forest Protection of Russia), grew one-year shoots using twigs of the relict poplar trees which had been planted by the writer's father about 120 years ago. Then research foresters replanted these shoots in the Ivanteyevka nursery for their further vegetative reproduction through green cuttings. The Ivanteyevka nursery administration decided to support the idea of “Roslesozashchita”! And, as a result, this spring, we will be happy to plant young poplars, grown from these cuttings, as clones of historically valuable old trees, here in our Museum-Reserve.

The Charitable action “BENEFICIAL WEEKEND” is an annual event. Therefore it is a good reason for you to visit our Museum! After your hard gardening in the open, you can warm up with hot tea, go on a tour of the Museum expositions, and then enjoy the performance of the Melikhovo Theater "Chekhov Studio".

We hope that this experience will give you a good chance to find new friends of the Museum and join ranks of admirers of talent of the great Russian writer. We will be happy to host you here!

For your information. Our Charitable action will be in the form of competition: the most hardworking participants will be awarded with interesting prizes from the Museum.

Date: April 20.

Starting time: 11.00

Additional information and registration for the event by phone: +7 (499) 941-03-12.

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