Реставрация – не повод отменить поход в музей!

Published: 26 June 2018

Beginning fr om June 15, 2018, the manor Main House of the Museum-Reserve of A. P. Chekhov "Melikhovo" has been closed for restoration work.

During this restoration of the house our conservation architects will strengthen the foundation, floors, interior walls and partitions, they recover the roof beams, lift up furnaces, etc. They will also restore the entire architectural and decorative finish, including that on the facade of the house. The interiors of the building will be redecorated as well; the constructors will restore the room of Anton Chekhov’s mother (Evgenia Yakovlevna), which was not part of the exposition of the house before.

But all this does not mean that the Museum will not host its guests. We have prepared for you our new exhibitions and installations!

Our Museum welcomes you to see the following permanent exhibits: the Guest Lodge, where Chekhov wrote his play The Seagull, the Kitchen House and "Dispensary" (medical center in a country side). After a long break, you can see the exposition in the «Bath House". This building has been reconstructed in a view to show to you old bath house interior. Here you can feel not only the atmosphere of the Russian bath as a site of interest, but you can also imagine what an island of joy and peace of mind it was for Anton Pavlovich, for his family and numerous guests. The "Barn" (a drying house) is used to display "Dacha alphabet", wh ere you can taste details of the country life of the late XIX century. Theatre and Exhibition Hall invites you to visit the exhibit: "Melikhovo. The seven-year period. Year 1898 " and "My dear, honored... House!"( in July). Here you will see the main exhibits from the Main House of the writer.

Besides that you can also take part in numerous Museum and theater projects and interactive programs as well as have a phenological tour to learn life of plants and animals or a tour over the garden.

This year the repertoire of the Museum theater "Chekhov Studio" has been enriched with a new production. It is the play Uncle Vanya, which is staged not inside the theater building, but in the open air of the estate, in which Anton Pavlovich Chekhov lived and worked on his play.

Moreover, this September we invite you to visit a new educational exhibition of the Museum called "The kitchen of the writer". Here you will witness the “cooking process” of Anton Chekhov.

Here you can find numerous bits of advice that Chekhov used to give young writers, friends and his brother Alexander. In such a "kitchen" you can see what "ingredients and spices" Chekhov preferred in “cooking” his stories and plays. The second floor of this exhibition is devoted to the writer's habits and individual skills of Chekhov's writing process. The so called interactive desk is a good illustration of our story about Chekhov as a writer. The material it contains is grouped into files that make up a kind of archive. In the interactive desk you will find information about the writer's notebooks, his pen-names as well as his handwriting. After studying these files, our visitors will be able to have a different look at Chekhov as a writer; it will help you to dispel some myths about him and those stereotypes of his that we used to.

We are looking forward to seeing you here!

You can find all information about the Museum exhibitions and events during the restoration of the manor Main House by phone: + 7-905-781-29-10 and by e-mail: kult@chekhovmuseum.com

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