Open-air спектакль "Чехов. Чайка" музея-заповедника А.П. Чехова "Мелихово" вошел в программу Международного чеховского фестиваля

Published: 2 June 2017

This summer popular production-promenade "Chekhov. The Seagull" staged by the "Chekhov Studio" theatre of the Museum-Reserve of A. P. Chekhov "Melikhovo" will be a part of the Chekhov International Theatre Festival.

The premiere of "Chekhov. The Seagull" OPEN-AIR THEATRE " took place on 13 June 2015. For the first time in the history of "The Seagull", as one of the most popular plays in the world, it was staged and performed at the place, where this play was written by Chekhov in 1895. In two following seasons, an unusual theatre project was highly appreciated by drama critics and many spectators not only from Moscow and the Moscow region, but also from other regions and from abroad. Moreover, every performance was sold out.

Well, what was the secret of such a success? Most likely it consists in merging of the stage space and the action. No matter how many "Seagulls" are there staged worldwide, it is clear that the Melikhovo performance is a very special one.

The action of the play starts at the small Guest House of Anton Pavlovich, and then it moves over to the pond "Aquarium", which has become the prototype of the Magic Lake; and then the theater audience is traveling in several locations of the "Melikhovo" Museum land. The Chekhov's estate with its houses, gardens, and the lake and so on, as the natural scenery of the performance, makes the theatrical action more impressive. Sometimes, the weather takes the floor, just making each show a special one. Anyway, our guests enjoy "Chekhov. The Seagull» in all weathers till the curtain goes down.

Not once this production has represented «Chekhov Studio" at the international theatre festivals in Russia and abroad. This year it made up the program of the Chekhov International Theatre Festival thus celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

According to the organizers, in its history the Chekhov festival "went through different times and suffered changes, but inevitably and consistently it pursued its purpose – to make up the festival a desired and joyful event for all those who love theatre."

We hope that this summer "Chekhov. The Seagull" will be welcomed and enjoyed by our audience as well. Please follow the schedule of performances: in June of 03, 11 and 23, in July of 07,15 and 21, and in August of 12 and 19.

Under the open sky of Chekhov’s Melikhovo, everyone can discover and cognize a new Seagull of his own perception and understanding. Both all guests of the Chekhov International Theatre Festival and visitors of the Museum-Reserve of A. P. Chekhov "Melikhovo" have a good chance to find it by themselves.

The program of the Chekhov International Theatre Festival:
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