Детский спектакль «Туфельки»

The date: 21 August 2022 (Вс)

The time: 12:00

Age limit: 5+

Duration: 40 минут

Ballet Slippers is a Melikhovo Theatre "Chekhov Studio" performance. It is a staging of the same name story written by Ilze Liepa, a wonderful Russian ballerina and People's artist of Russia. In 2014, she published a book called "Theatrical fairy tales", which take children into the world of theater. In these tales, all characters of the play - from ballet slippers to lighting devices - are living and gentle creatures.

When staging this story, Kirill Loskutov as a Director of the performance, made an attempt to take children over to the magical world of ballet. Moreover, he even used videos of famous performances in his staging so as to introduce children to the history of ballet and dancing of great ballerinas. This performance proved to be a kind of experiment; it combined several genres of theater: video recording, video broadcast, puppet theater and the so-called "living background", i.e. drama theater.

The main characters of the play are Point shoes; here they would be as human beings – they are talking and dancing and even suffer from their uselessness. But, in the end, they still find a new life under beautiful music of Pyotr Tchaikovsky from his ballet Swan lake.