Детский спектакль «Чижик-пыжик, где ты был...»

The date: 13 February 2022 (Вс)

The time: 12:00

Age limit: 6+

Duration: 1 час 10 минут

Anton Chekhov was never known as a children's writer, he never wrote stories especially for young readers.

All his works where main characters are children are written in a mature and tough way. Children depicted by Chekhov are not adorable small angels, but they people with their own world and problems as well as understanding what is good and what is evil in this life.

The Melikhovo theatre "Chekhov Studio", when staging plays for children, is trying to talk to them honestly and openly.

The performance of Chizhik-Pyzhik, where have you been...?, based on the stories: The Boys, Vanka, A Joke and The Kids is just from this category.

Of course and first of all it is a sort of coming back to the magical world of childhood anyway.

The action of each story takes place at Christmas time, and four short stories united by a common sense of celebration. But at the same time they give rise to different emotions individually.

The story The Boys makes children dream about romanticism of travel and adventure. Vanka stirs up sympathy to the young kid, deprived of affection, dreaming of returning back home to his village. A Joke arouses first romantic feelings in young hearts, and The Kids ~ stirs up passion of mysterious and unlawful games at night.