Детский спектакль «Балда»

The date: 30 January 2022 (Вс)

The time: 12:00

Age limit: 5+

Duration: 1 час без антракта

Workman Balda/ A Blockhead ~ is a funny and morality tale, where honesty and worldly wisdom prevail over greed and evil forces. The Melikhovo theatre turns this tale into a playful and colorful interactive performance, where young visitors can be involved in by supporting the main character.

There are no clearly bad characters on the stage; laughter and positive emotions are triggered by all of them ~ by quick Balda, and crafty Priest and a naughty priest's daughter, and luxurious priest's wife, and even terrible, but very cute evil force.

The performance demonstrates unique techniques developing children’s imagination through introducing masterpieces of the Russian classic authors to the young in a playful way.

The staging is an original composition of the texts of fairy tales of Alexander Pushkin and Russian folk literature; it uses a lot of folk music; the actors perform tricks and stunts.

This cheerful, bright and easy-going show will be a real theatrical feast for children and their parents.