Спектакль «Психопаты»

The date: 4 December 2021 (Сб)

The time: 05:00

Age limit: 14+

Duration: 1 час 30 минут без антракта

Psychopaths is an onstage composition of five short stories by A. P. Chekhov: Two newsman, Overdone, A malefactor, The Death of a Government Clerk and Psychopaths.

This performance is the result of a creative team-work of three young Directors ~ graduates of the State Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS) (the Russian University of Theatre Arts between 2011 and 2015) in 1994 (a workshop of Professor L. E. Heifetz).

That is why the play is so unusual, diverse and versatile.

"Chilling stories" ~ well, this is how the Directors defined the genre of their staging by themselves, having in mind both ~ the themes of chosen Chekhov's short stories: suicide, death, fear, and the ability to analyze many frightening and often hopeless aspects and features of the present-day society.

This performance ~ is one of the attempts to find a way out of no-win situations, a person often gets in in his life, and to find a hole to gain freedom.

Psychopaths ~ is the play designed for not so much to appeal to Chekhov's era, but most likely an urge to use his words to talk about the problems, close and clear to everyone of us.