Cпектакль «Выстрелы и поцелуи»

The date: 26 October 2019 (Сб)

The time: 05:00

It is a sort of plastic performance with a small number of words and great energy based on the famous The Seagull by Anton Chekhov. Basic features of the plastic theatre are: emotional expressiveness, stylized movement and elements of pantomime. Actors of the theatre are very particular to convey feelings and emotions of their characters in the language of music and dance. As envisioned by choreographer Evgenia Milyaeva and the Director Rustem Fesak: plastic and pieces of dancing exalt the stage action in a new emotional field. Interpretation of The Seagull into the language of dance gave an idea to the choreographer to unveil romantic lines of the play. Masha's love for Treplev is as tragically passionate as his love for Nina and Nina's love for Trigorin. Whereas Arkadina remains the center of the performance. Beauty, elegance and great personal charm of the main character are leading her to the goal she has already set for herself. Costumes and scenography by Olga Vasilyeva, as well as mystical and dramatic music by composer Alexander Devyatyarov, offer a new emotional environment for the audience to plunge into.

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