Сырный фестиваль «Едим тоже здорово…»

The date: 29 June 2019 (Сб)

The time: 01:00 - 04:00

The feast of taste, feast of delicacies, feast for gourmets

Along with warming, cultural and entertainment events are coming to Moscow and to other Russian cities. Someone would prefer a dance floor or a summer cinema, followers of outdoor activities will gather at big water pools, and lovers of delicious food will go to gastronomic festivals, which every year are becoming larger and more interesting.

Melikhovo has always attracted visitors not only by tours, but also by unusual programs. Not accidentally, we decided to hold gastronomic festival "We eat healthily, too…” at our Museum.

Warm hospitality, with which Chekhov received guests, was noted by all who ever came to visit this amazing family. The writer and translator Tatiana Shchepkina-Kupernik recalled: "The most fun hours in Melikhovo was the meal time to which Anton Chekhov always took in good spirits, friendly and affectionate." There was not enough space on the table for many different home-made snacks prepared and cooked by Evgenia Yakovlevna.”

"Dear Tanya! We are waiting for you in Melikhovo... Bring 2 bottles of red wine specific (the red seal on a white label), 1 pound of Swiss cheese, one boiled sausage with garlic, one smoked one and 1 pound of olive oil. Be sure to bring all this, or then you will have nothing to stuff yourself with. Loving You Hieromonk Anthony. If you are able to carry, so then bring 2 pounds of cheese».

In his letters Anton Pavlovich often mentioned cheese and wrote that in the evenings it is good to eat white cheese and drink red wine.

It is almost impossible to meet a person indifferent to delicious and fragrant dishes. Each visitor of the festival will have a chance to find something what he likes: gourmets will go for tasting, cheese producers will be able to exchange experience, and cooks will share their recipes…

On the main site of the festival farmers will present a variety of cheeses to tunes of the live music of the violin. These are mozzarella, halumi and feta, cheese with pepper, garlic and herbs.

In addition to gastronomic pleasure, guests of the festival will be able to get a lot of useful information about cheeses – their types and compatibility with other products. At the master classes, experts will teach everyone to distinguish the flavors of different varieties of cheese.

The program also includes exhibitions and sales of cheese products, themed dinners (menu: "What Chekhov had for breakfast, lunch and dinner").

In addition, the festival will make up the longest salad with mozzarella (29 meters), which is planned to be recorded in the Guinness book of records.

For those who are tired of the main course of the holiday, we offer other entertainment.

You can visit the site "This, that, and the other ", which will feature products made from milk: ice cream, cocktails, chocolate and yogurt. A children's play area and a photo zone are also ready to host visitors.

The festival will include a business program "Serious step", where representatives of the cheese industry and entrepreneurs of our city will share their business experiences, tell you how to successfully open and run your own trade.

On this day, guests will be waiting for the performance of stories by Chekhov, old Russian fun, a win-win lottery and a contact mini-zoo.

If you like cheese and cheese dishes, if you want to learn how to know different varieties of cheese and their special taste, or just want to visit an interesting and delicious holiday, we are waiting for you on June 29 at the gastronomic festival "We eat healthily, too…”

Such festivals are always filled with friendly and warm atmosphere, because everyone knows that a person is kind-hearted when he is full!
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