Спектакль «Jamais»

The date: 16 March 2019 (Сб)

The time: 05:00

The play JAMAIS (ZHAME) is based on real facts of Anton Chekhov’s life and his love affair with Lydia Stakhievna Mizinova (Lika the Beautiful). The action of the play takes place in various locations in Russia visited by Chekhov, such as ~ Melikhovo, Bogimovo, Moscow, Yalta, Sakhalin island.

The staging takes all possible care to reconstruct all twists and turns of the love affair between Chekhov and Lika Mizinova, the romance that was flaming, violent, painful and tender at the same time.

This intense affair never came to its logic end; it was left unfinished and unsettled, with no finals. The nickname "Jamais", which Chekhov gave to Lika, means "Never" in French; it is this pet name predicted the development of the story and predetermined its unhappy ending.

The play is performed by actors of the Melikhovo theatre "Chekhov Studio". Sergey Fatyanov and Svetlana Gerasimovich are trying with all their keen curiosity to understand all those complex psychological aspects of love relationship between Anton Pavlovich and Lika. As the play goes, Andrey Bogdanov, for example, puts on a dozen of masks: beginning from masks of real historical characters ~ such as Isaac Ilyich Levitan (famous Russian landscape painter), Alexey Sergeevich Suvorin (Chekhov’s publisher), Ignatius Nikolaevich Potapenko (Chekhov’s close friend), ~ to the masks of imaginary characters of the author ~ the ones of an unknown provincial actor, a drunken passer-by on the Moskva river embankment, a Lieutenant-policeman on board the ship sailing to Sakhalin.

In writing the play the author used literary texts by A. P. Chekhov, materials of the State Literary-Memorial Museum-Reserve of A. P. Chekhov "Melikhovo", as well as correspondence of Anton Chekhov and Ldia Mizinova.

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