Спектакль «Добрый вечер, папа!»

The date: 8 March 2019 (Пт)

The time: 05:00

In April 1966 Vampilov finished his play The Eldest Son. Its first production took place In 1969. After that, The Eldest Son was staged in theatres of Russia very often. Later in 1976, a very famous screen version of the play was made. On one hand the performance, staged by the Melikhovo theatre "Chekhov Studio", adopts the experience of previous productions of the play, but on the other the Vampilov conflicts ~ between Fathers and Sons, love and betrayal ~ become more sensitive and even stronger since the Director reads these conflicts from a present-day perspective.

Here you will see a bright audacious story, full of humor with music, songs and anecdotes of the 60-ies. At the same time, the performance will make you wonder about the lasting and first priority values of the family, friendship, human relationships.


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