Спектакль "Дуэль"

The date: 1 December 2018 (Сб)

The time: 05:00

The play The Duel based on the short novel by A. P. Chekhov was staged specifically in Anton Chekhov's anniversary year celebration. It is a synthetic creative project combining an excursion and tourist program and theatrical action, staged in the natural scenery of Chekhov’s estate.

The audience will be “visiting Anton Pavlovich” in his beloved Melikhovo for the whole day. As his guests you will make a tour over the estate and enjoy an unusual performance.

A landing platform on floating tanks arranged along the banks of the pond will make up a sort of a stage of the first act of the performance. On one occasion he audience will “come to be” on the sea coast and then by a mountain waterfall.

The second act implies a dramatic change in both ~ in the scene of the action and that of intensity of emotions of the events on the stage.

It is a sort of a closed, uneven and clearly defined space of a wooden shed that makes up unusual scenery where a hard and tragic ending breaks out just to follow a lovely “basket dinner by the water” in the very beginning of the play.

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