День гостей

The date: 23 June 2018 (Сб)

The time: 01:00 - 04:00

Romantic and Russian folk songs

Staged version of vaudeville The Bear by Anton Chekhov. Performed by theater "Chekhov Studio" of Anton Chekhov Museum – Reserve "Melikhovo”

Visiting the exhibition "Country summer time ABC". A tour with a Museum consultant

Visiting the exhibition “Chekhov's seven years in Melikhovo.1898". A tour with a Museum consultant

Friendly sports event of the Moscow Region museums. Croquet competition

Master class of gorodki (the game similar to skittles and bowling) of the Gorodki Sports Moscow Federation

Master class in making jam

Workshop in hand crafting: " Matryoshka“ (Russian nesting dolls)

Playground games of: jackstraw, tiddlywinks and lotto (bingo)

Tea party with ring-shaped poppy-seeded cracknels
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