The date: 21 October 2017 (Сб)

The time: 05:00

The Director and Artistic Director of the theatre Vladimir Baycher projects the action to the 30-ies of the last century thus making a sort of an innovation in staging the novel.

The varieties of fortune, ups and downs in the fate of the characters and turning points in the world around them will spin around in front of the audience in a whirlwind of vivid tango dance, that emphasizes the idea of the new staging: clear storylines and impulsive gambling fever, dominated over all the inhabitants of the town of money, roulette and adventures – the town of Roulettenburg.

The performance space of the new play is very special as well; - it shows action within 360 degrees of the stage environment. As a result, the spectators sitting around the stage as around a roulette table prove to be involved in what is happening just in front of them. And as for what bets to choose in this thrilling gambling each person has to decide by himself.

"There is no “hiding fake” in the performance, - says Vladimir Baycher, - The novel main characters are acted by manly men while beautiful "Dostoyevsky" type ladies - by charming women."

You will not see any epatage or provocative actions and violence on the stage, but you will really enjoy plenty of music and dancing directed by Natalia Shurganova, the choreographer of the performance.

If we use a famous Chekhov’s expression, here the Dostoyevsky characters: fell in love, hate, have some tea, wear their jackets whereas at this time not only their fate and fortunes are getting ruined but also the world in which they live is going to collapse.

All the roles in this new production are played by actors of Melikhovo Theatre "Chekhov Studio". The only exception was made for the role of “babulenki” which is performed by a wonderful guesting actress - Honored Artist of Russia Tatiana Tashkova whose creative career is rich in characters of F. M. Dostoyevsky. According to the Director’s idea, Antonida Vasilievna in her acting is not a sick and weak person. On the contrary, she will appear to the audience as an energetic, vibrant and full-blooded woman ready to give a smart thrashing to all Russian idlers of Roulettenburg town, infected by addictive gambling. But, alas, and she will dice away all her money then, blasting "damn zero".

Coincidentally, that Vladimir Baycher announced his decision to stage The Gambler in the autumn of 2016 at the meeting of the cast of "Chekhov Studio" exactly on the day when Fyodor Mikhailovich had finished his novel 150 years ago. History reminds us that Dostoyevsky finished dictating The Gambler to a 20-year-old stenographer Anna Snitkina exactly on the eve of his 45th birthday, November 10, 1866; with the novel known to had been written just a few weeks before.

Speaking frankly, there are a certain number of other mystical cases of coincidence and discovery the Melikhovo Theatre company had to face with when staging Roulettenburg. And of course, these events have imposed their special effects on the final presentation of this interesting work, which you will have to judge very soon.

It should be noted that "Chekhov Studio" is a unique theatre in its kind. It is the only professional theatre at the Museum in the

World, running all the year round. The repertoire of "Chekhov Studio" is made up of staged versions of works by Chekhov, Dovlatov, Vampilov, Gelman and other playwrights.

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