About the play

Age limit: 12+
Duration: 50 minutes
Режиссер Федюшина Татьяна Сергеевна
as the artistic director Baicher Vladimir
Сценография заслуженный художник России Миляев Иван
Костюмы Ефимова Анна

Действующие лица и исполнители

Елена Ивановна Попова Ландер Елена Владимировна / Суворова Марина Михайловна / Елисеева Полина Евгеньевна
Григорий Степанович Смирнов Фатьянов Сергей Сергеевич / Белый Антон Александрович
as Luka Golyshev Yuri (HONORED ARTIST OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION) / Рябов Виктор Николаевич / Кожевников Иван Олегович

The plot

The play The Bear was specially staged for the 10th anniversary of the "Melikhovskaya Vesna" International Theatre Festival.

The genre of this play is designated by the playwright himself as "a joke in one act". Over the past 120 years of the stage life of this small but very concise play, there have been presented hundreds of performances played in a variety of genres ~ from vaudeville to a buffoonery.

The play staged by the "Chekhov Studio" tries to show you a simple human life story about loss and finding that one may encounter in his life.

From the point of view of Directors’ experience, this play seems to be a sort of forerunner of great plays by Chekhov, such as The Cherry Orchard.

In fact, in The Bear you could find two "cherry orchards" ~ one belongs to landlord Grigori Smirnov and the other to landlady Elena Popova.

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