Upcoming events

A play Performance "Rather scary tales"

8 November 2020   12:00

Our new performance "Rather scary tales" directed by Kirill Loskutov is staged not only for children but surely enough for the whole family.

A play In a Fairy-Tale Kingdom

15 November 2020   12:00

This touching story lives in the hearts of everyone who in his childhood have plunged into the world of fairy tales of the Danish wizard.

A play The Bench

21 November 2020   05:00

The play is staged only for two characters: "SHE" ~ a single, divorced woman, unsuccessful in seeking a life partner, and “HE” ~ an unhappy married man trying to find a source of comfort in quick dating in the park.

A play Chizhik-Pyzhik, where have you been...?

22 November 2020   12:00

Anton Chekhov was never known as a children's writer, he never wrote stories especially for young readers.