Quiz "Anton Chekhov and his writings"

What was the name of the “thin man” in the story Fat And Thin?

What was the breed of the dog in the story The Lady with a Pet Dog?

A teacher of what language was Mr. Byelikov, the main character of the story The Man In A Case?

While watching what Opera, a government clerk called Ivan Dmitritch Tchervyakov sneezed on the bald head of Mr. Brizzhalov, a civilian general (The Death of a Government Clerk)?

In Chekhov's stories there are people of different professions. Typical characters of his early stories were entrepreneurs. Among the definitions given below, please find the right one to identify this profession.

What is vaudeville?

Premiere of what play by Chekhov was a flop?

What literary genre you fail to find in the works of Chekhov?

What popular expression was issued from the pen of Anton Chekhov?

Which of the following pen-names does not belong to A. P. Chekhov?