Программа выходного дня для семейных групп с детьми «СЛАВНЫЙ НАРОД – СОБАКИ!»

About the project

Age limit: 5+
Продолжительность: 1 час

Project description

The weekend program for families with children

Do you know that Anton Pavlovich Chekhov had two dachshunds with funny names: Quina and Bromine? They lived with him in Melikhovo estate, and the writer worshipped his pets very much! In the Museum of "Melikhovo" there is a monument to these two dogs where tourists make their wishes. We invite you to make a wish too and to take part in our new program "Dogs – are nice pets!" We are sure it will help you to get acquainted with Chekhov's pet dogs, have some fun and learn more interesting things.

It is known that Chekhov's family and guests warmly recalled little performances staged by Anton Chekhov with his pets. Funny dachshunds Quina and Bromine often were the main characters of these shows. Let us make up such a theater! It's so interesting – not just to watch, but also to stage a theatrical performance.

Join the program "Dogs – are nice pets!" Under the guidance of Museum educators, you and your children will try to develop skills of costume designers, set designers, sound engineers, lamp men, ticket takers and, of course, that of actors.

The result of this training will be a real puppet show version of the story Kashtanka by A. P. Chekhov.

In memory of Chekhov’s beloved dachshunds, the kids will make long bookmarks that will remind them these uncommon funny dogs.

And at the end of the program, our young guests and their parents will taste: compote made of Melikhovo garden apples and bone-shape cookies.

We look forward to seeing you every weekend at the Museum!

See you soon!

Team group – not less than 10 people
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