Семейная игровая программа «Нескучный выходной»

About the project

Age limit: 6+
Продолжительность: 1 час 30 минут

Project description

This program will be a great addition to your tour and exploring the Chekhov estate. You cannot stay indifferent to the games on the cozy lawns of Melikhovo.

Summer and estate games of the 19th century.


Museum staff will introduce you to this traditional estate game. They will help you to master the rules and techniques of croquet and share their long playing experience. Croquet in Melikhovo, the Chekhovs once enjoyed playing themselves and with their guests, is now given a new birth.

We will try to "infect" you with interest in this wonderful estate-country game.

Serso. It is another old game. People enjoyed playing this game in estates and country houses in the nineteenth century and even in the twentieth one.

The rules of this game are so simple, and its variations are so diverse that all members of your family will enjoy practicing their skill: from the youngest kids to gray-haired grandfathers and matron-like grandmothers.

Street games of the 20th century.

Retro race "Up your feet off the ground". The games that we have collected for this part of the program, will arouse curiosity and surprise of some participants and will make the others look back with nostalgia.

"Jumping rope", "Rubber string", "Skipping rope”, " Hopscotch ", "Moving" ~ all these are traditional street games of children of the 20th century. Unfortunately our kids do not play these games.

Together with us you will figure out the purpose of all those colored rubber bands, ropes, strings, pieces of chalk, pebbles and batts. And these are our dear parents and grandparents who would help us in this because these games are of their childhood.
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